In the Beginning...

Well here we are.... a bit behind, but better late then never.  I am finally starting the official #MOBO Blog  (for those of you new to the ride, #MOBO is coined hash tag for The Movable Boutique).

Like all stories, its best to start at the beginning.... unless you're the type of person who just likes to read the synopsis and then the last line of the last page.  So go ahead, scroll down, read the last line of this short book... I dare you! (really do it)***

So flash back to exactly two years ago... when the idea of The Movable Boutique was conceived.   I was attending aerial arts school in Santa Barbara and went to Melrose Trading Post flea market in LA and saw an only 70s school bus turned into a boutique blaring Rose Royce - "Carwash".  It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen - it was a party boutique on wheels!  I had been managing a boutique/flower shop in Sun Valley, ID for the past 4 years and while I loved it there I knew I always wanted to own my own shop.  I also knew with my nomadic heart, opening a brick in mortar in my mid 20's was a bad idea.   I was at a crossroads in my life where I was ready to become my own #GIRLBOSS, and this was the spark that lit the fire!

I returned home and told my closest friends and family I wanted to start a movable boutique, and honestly to my surprise everyone said it was an incredible idea and they fully supported me! With the support of them, and the vision in my head, I knew this was a dream that could become a reality.

I began searching like a mad woman on every source I could for a trailer, box truck, bus, heck... I even considered a horse trailer for a second there.  But nothing was quite right.  I drove by the old 'A' Frame on my way home every day and they had this totally beat up Airstream out front,  one day I just decided to go knock on their door and ask if it was for sale.  Well, unfortunately she was not for sale...but they did let me go inside.  It was the first time I had ever been in a Shiny Silver Twinkie,  and while it was completely trashed on the inside, I saw all the potential it had.  So the search went on...but ONLY for an Airstream.

Now, I don't want to make this too long so lets just hit some bullet points here for ya:

  • I wanted it so badly that I started to say on the daily...."I want cake now!" (a reference to Bad Lip Reading - NFL ....really funny you should watch it)
  • I decided her name would be Cake once I found her.
  • I couldn't really figure out a name for the boutique, but I kept calling it a movable boutique.  My genius friend, Christina just said, "Well, why don't you just call it The Movable Boutique...and MOBO can be your hashtag"
  • BOOM! 
  • Found Cake on eBay from a couple in Portland that had it as a floral shop.
  • They were kind of a nightmare to deal with and completely untrusting...but I got the keys and the Silver Bullet was mine!
  • **For those of you looking to buy one and start your own, here was the price and why I decided to pay this:  
    • Old beat up airstreams were costing around $3-5K (my original thought)
    • The smaller they get, the more they cost (weird I know)
    • I needed 20' and no bigger because I was planning on taking it to festivals, which rent out 10' x 10' spaces (that would be me paying for 2 spots)
    • This airstream I bought was 17K... I know! YIKES! Way more then I wanted to spend, but I calculated time and pricing and by the time my boyfriend and I rebuilt a crappy, beat up one and in the middle of winter it would have equaled around the same and we wouldn't have been able to complete it by June.  {I bought Airstream January 2015 and 1st event was June 2016}
    • Also....Airstreams don't loose value really so if it didn't work I could always sell it and make my money back, unlike paying rent for a Brick & Mortar.
  • We definitely had to do some work in renovating the inside, but the major parts like the outside being buffed, insulated and new flooring we were pretty good.  We had to do electrical, new ventilation, esthetic, and fans to build a functioning boutique into this empty vessel! 
  • Take a look below..... Before & Afters:






















Well there you have it, the intro into how MOBO was born and created! 

Stay tuned because this blog is not just going to be about MOBO, it is going to be a place filled with inspiration for an ethical, nomadic, alternative lifestyle.  

Next post we will be introducing you to the entire MOBO team, and you won't want to miss it! 




***Go back up to the top ya fool - - this is a good story!