MOBO's Ethical Holiday Shopping Guide

Comin’ at you live from our new location in Boise, ID! Things are grand here - the MOBO is parked outside our house (stay tuned for our pop up shop days here on 29th and Madison!), and we are loving our new digs. The dogs are snuggling in happily, Ross and I are slowly getting things unpacked, and the cold weather is giving me every excuse to drink as much tea and coffee as I can handle. Gearing up for the holidays has been so exciting, and it’s great to be in the snow, which is promising a white Christmas...yummmmmm.



Something that used be challenging about the holiday season for me was finding gifts that aligned with my beliefs and my values about ethical, fair trade and sustainably made products. It’s easy to get roped into the vortex of things on sale in commercial businesses because they’re eye catching, sleek, sexy and cheap. Despite the appeal, I maintain that buying ethical goods for the holidays makes for the best presents - first, you are getting some seriously beautiful, unique and handmade goods that you can’t find at the mall, and second, with an ethically bought gift, you are giving twice.


For all of you who love what we do, and are as deeply committed to fair trade and ethically sourced goods as we are, it might take a little more than a discerning eye to get through the holiday buzz without buying something that compromises those standards. Here is our gift guide to make your holiday season successful, sustainable and ethical in every way.


Stocking Stuffers from MOBO:


A good place to start is buying small for the ones you love. Here are some of our in-house favorites that you purchase in the MOBO!



BioGlitz - $10.00 per vile

  • BioGlitz is a 100% biodegradable, compostable, GMO free and sustainably sourced body glitter made with the intent to get anyone and everyone glammed up for any and every fabulous occasion while taking care of the Earth. For free spirits who think glitter brings out their inner goddess, unicorn, and/or fairy.


Holy Smokes - $18/tube or $3/single

  • These handcrafted organic herbal cigarettes are not made for a person looking for a nicotine buzz - they’re not meant to be inhaled, but to give the smoker a tasty, oral experience unlike any other they’ve encountered. They are made with pure rice paper, raw sugar gum adhesive, and a biodegradable and unbleached cotton filter. The best part about them is they’re meant to be shared...

Sacred Bundle: 1 Holy Smoke, Fair Trade Palo Santo, Fair Trade Crystal  - $15

  • For the novice or practiced meditative man or woman, you can help them enter a sacred, peaceful state of mind by purchasing this gift set.

    • Holy Smoke cigarettes are made with organic dried herbs that, when lit, are meant to be savored in the mouth, not in the lungs, and inspire a contemplative experience of smoking.

    • Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, is native to the coasts of South America and is closely related to citrus trees. It’s scent is an intoxicating combination of pine, mint and lemon, though it is often compared to Frankincense and Myrrh. Palo Santo is used much like a sage smudge stick - it ushers bad energy out and invites a grounded, peaceful, and clear energy into whatever vessel or location needs attention and cleansing. There are many other benefits associated with Palo Santo, but at it’s core, it smells good, and that alone is enough to raise your vibrations.

    • In many circles, it is believed that crystals hold healing powers, and access to histories long forgotten. You can use this almost as a talisman, if you choose, as decoration, a deflector of negativity, or a focus point for meditation.


    Other favorite MOBO Picks:

  • Catori Life, founded by Takota Roads in Santa Fe, NM, makes “Intentional adornments for the free spirited nurture her, empower her, and most of all honor her beauty and strength.” First of, can you say no? Secondly, for every piece sold, whether it’s jewelry, ritual creations, or one of her tents, 30 trees are planted by the organization she works with, The Eden Projects. The Eden Projects’ goal is to eliminate poverty through reforestation. Count. Me. In.  Instagram: @catorilife


  • La Tierra Sagrada, which means “the sacred earth”, is an all natural hair care product that was born into this world by LA and NYC based holistic hair stylist, Stefani Padilla. Stefani is a meditative, and spiritual being who spent many years exploring the healing properties of plant medicine and Mother Ayahuasca. She was brought her business to life to honor the transformational nature of the plant, and bring health and beauty to the people and world around her. I had the pleasure of meeting Stefani at the 2016 Spirit Weaver’s Gathering in Northern California, and she changed my life forever.  In the short time we spent together, she taught me about healing hair rituals - now, I use all natural products that have transformed my dry and damaged hair into healthy, strong, and luscious locks. I can’t tell you how much I love these products, and I firmly believe that this will enhance the life of anyone who needs a little hair care, man or woman. Instagram: @latierrasagradahair


The Tote Project

Despite the modern day beliefs that slavery has ended, it was a thing of the past, the product of the despicable actions of our ancestors, it simply is not true. Sex trafficking and other forms of human enslavement are exactly what Fay grant and Michelle Chavez are fighting against through their business. Their hand painted bags are sewn together in India by women who have chosen to leave the sex slavery market, and live a life of freedom. In addition to supporting independent women abroad, 20% of their proceeds goes to Two Wings - an organization that uses mentoring, education, and life coaching to help at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking in the U.S. grow into a life of independence, and to pursue their dreams. Instagram: @thetoteproject

Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you for reading!