"To live would be an awfully big adventure..."

-Peter Pan

The Movable Boutique is more then just a shop on wheels - it literally is a {movement}

MOBO is filled only with unique jewelry, clothing, accessories and more, hand made in the USA or Global Fair Trade from Peru, Guatemala, Thailand, and South Africa. 

Brenna's own jewelry line - Raven Designs sparked this whole endeavor as a dream to live freely and fully. 

The {movement} is to inspire and promote the work and creativity of individual artisans.  We believe in the #slowfashion movement.  

MOBO is always changing and never permanent - letting each exchange you experience as the buyer and I as the seller be a, one-of-a-kind special moment in time ♥ ♥

MOBO would not be possible with out the love and support of my whole TRIBE!

"There was nowhere to go, but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars"

-Jack Kerouac

Contact us at themovableboutique@gmail.com if interested in having The Movable Boutique carry your product.